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Getting impatient!

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Getting impatient waiting for my new Pursuit. Anyone else waiting?
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I just stumbled on this forum while on the Indian forum.
I am also patiently awaiting my Pursuit I ordered on 5/1. I have been trying to get an Indian for almost a year now starting with ordering a Whitesmoke Darkhorse Challanger back in September of last year. In December Polaris informed me they can’t build the bike I wanted so I waited until the Pursuit was introduced.
Let’s hope this goes through in reasonable time, if it drags on too long I will give up on Indian and Polaris for good and move on to another brand.
Come on Polaris get your act together!
Got movement on mine the other day. It’s ironic because I had given up on getting one this year, was going to ask for my deposit back and started working two Harley Dealers against each other for a RoadGlide Limited. Ordered mine on May 5.
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1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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