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Hello from the Algarve in Portugal

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Hey folks,
Glad to be part of this forum. I'm from New York originally and now retired in the south of Portugal where I can ride 12 months a year.
Just got my Pursuit Darkhorse Premium about a month ago and I LOVE IT. Upgraded from a Scout.
I'm surprised at just how powerful this beast is. She's incredibly stable and handles so well around corners. Still getting used to her at slow speeds while turning but doing regular drills in parkings lots has helped a lot.
Two bummers is that the front Indian headdress doesn't light up. Apparently because of an EU law. The other is that Ride Command doesn't have a modem activated for internet connectivity due to not being ready for the EU yet. Hope these things get resolved soon.
Overall this bike ROCKS!
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Congratulations on your new Pursuit @Ronaldo_Algarve and welcome to the forum! What convinced you to go for the upgrade over the Scout?
Hey thx!
I chose the Pursuit because I wanted power, performance, storage, and comfort for long rides. I upgraded to the Clima seat which heats AND cools: no more sweaty butt! It's amazing in the intense heat in the Algarve.
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