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Road trip thread

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Since the Pursuit is designed to make miles and travel long distance I think we need a thread on the road trips we take on our bikes. So I will start.

I leave today from Catawba NC for a trip that will take me to Daytona to watch the races down at the Speedway. I will then travel to Panama City Florida to meet my wife and eventually I will head back to NC. Pictures and stories to follow. :)
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Well so far it has been a good trip. My first day was from Catawba NC to Jekyll Island Ga to spend one night with my folks.
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Day 2 I left Jekyll mid morning and headed straight to destination Daytona and the Indian test ride area so I could try the 23 Pursuit. It was no different than my 22 lol! I also test rode the new Sport Chief. It would be a nice bike for someone who is more flexible and about 50lbs lighter than me. After walking around a bit I headed to my brothers house in Deltona.
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Day 3 was mostly a lay day helping my brother around his property feed the animals and working on a new shooting house.
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Day 4&5 were track days at Daytona Speedway. I watched all the different classes practice and race. I also paid to do a parade lap around the track on Friday. I was the only Indian in a sea of Harleys!
MotoAmerica has a great experience for the fans alas I was able to walk the garages and even the starting grid for the Daytona 200 Superbike race. I met Tyler OHara and Jeremy McWilliams the two factory Indian riders for the bagger series. Even though the Indians were churning out faster lap times they didn’t do well due to tire issues and Harley swept the weekend. It was an experience I will never forget.
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Day 5 was my trip from Deltona Fl to Panama City to meet my wife. It was 340 miles of back roads and some rain but I managed to crank it out in 6 hours.
I will stay here a few days before making the 600 mile trip back to NCarolina.
So far the Pursuit has run flawlessly and loves to eat up miles. I still have issues with my RideCommand and my Comm system staying connected, I have learned how to work around this for now though.
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