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So - Finally getting an Indian

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I've ridden over 40 years. Currently on my second BMW R1250GSA and recently found the joy of IBA riding. IBA led me to Hoka Hey to which I have been accepted to the Challenge for 2024 with my best Brother. I almost pulled the trigger on a Roadmaster several years ago, but was so satisfied with the GS that I couldn't justify. My deposit went in 2/18 for a '23 Black, Premium and here I wait with a tote full of Long Distance farkles and no bike. If you are interested, check out the Hoka Hey Challenge. 10k+ miles Florida to Homer Alaska in ~14 days, sleep outside, no GPS, American VTwin and riding for Charities. It will be a milestone in my life and I'll be piloting the Pursuit among several other Indians. Wishing everyone Clear skies and fair winds.
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Hey @mikehazelrigs1 welcome to the forum! When are you expected to get your Pursuit?
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